ASCONA 659. Cubic Classic.

The design of the ASCONA 659 model is clearly defined and presents itself in a cubic modern look. The height of the backs can be adjusted with a motor via a sensor and thus become a comfortable high-back chair.

The ASCONA 659 product line is a design-oriented piece of upholstered furniture that is elegant, practical and comfortable at the same time. With its extremely wide long chair, it looks powerful and large and you just want to let yourself fall – preferably with the whole family or with friends.

This sofa is handcrafted with love and 100% Made in Germany, which is what the family-owned company Ponsel Polstermöbel stands for.

Detail type plan for the Personalisation options

Possible arrangements

Every living space is different, please use the link to the type plan for your personal setting variant.


  • Rücken höhenverstellbar motorisch mit Sensorsteuerung
  • Sitzvorzug motorisch mit Sensorsteuerung

Comfort and seating quality

  • Classic spring

Fabrics & leather

Please visit our PONSEL specialist trade and choose your favourite from approx. 450 fabric and leather covers.

Contrast sitching


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