424 VARIUS 10

Individual Sofa Experience.

Basic of the 424 VARIUS 10 product line is a modern as well as classic design.

The final design of the sofa is individually configured by the customer according to their taste and requirements. Due to the countless variants of different side parts, options for the back and the feet, it is made into your unique piece of furniture. Even the interior, i.e. the upholstery, can be customised.

Function lovers will find the option fo motorised seat depth adjustment or the premium seat assistant, which makes standing up and sitting down much easier. The seat in the sofa is moved by motor with a remote control and serves as a great support.

Detail type plan for the Personalisation options

Possible arrangements

Every living space is different, please use the link to the type plan for your personal setting variant.


  • Sitztiefenverstellung manuell
  • Sitzvorzug manuell
  • Sitzvorzug motorisch mit Sensorsteuerung
  • Rücken mit Klappfunktion
  • Foldable side parts
  • Mehrpreis Tasche

Comfort and seating quality

  • Classic spring

Fabrics & leather

Please visit our PONSEL specialist trade and choose your favourite from approx. 450 fabric and leather covers.

Contrast sitching


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