624 MILA

Designer sofa with special features

In our product line 624 MILA, we present you a modern and unique functional sofa with style. The extraordinary, airy contour of the armrests, the Scandinavian style and the straightforward design makes MILA so lovable.

In few words, MILA is chic, modern and practical!

Countless positions can be set as easy as child’s play and how you need or want them to be. Surely, you can use it as a spare bed as well. The armrest makes for a great pillow in such instances.

Detail type plan for the Personalisation otpions

Possible arrangements

Every living space is different, please use the link to the type plan for your personal setting variant.


  • All backs foldable as standard

Comfort and seating quality

  • Soft

Fabrics & leather

Please visit our PONSEL specialist trade and choose your favourite from approx. 450 fabric and leather covers.

Contrast sitching


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