Innovative and practical

A home without a sofa? Unthinkable, whether you live with family, on your own or together with someone else. After all, a sofa still is one of the most important safe havens (for relaxation) in your home. With our new product MONACO, we can fulfil countless wishes. The model 619 MONACO offers innovative features, e.g. some that transform the classical sofa into a generous and flat lying surface (which can be used as a spare bed). Thanks to the linking of special foldable fittings, you can adjust it into a multitude of positions at will.

If you were to describe MONACO in three words they would have to be: chic, modern and practical.

Detail type plan for the personalisation options

Possible arrangements

Every living space is different, please use the link to the type plan for your personal setting variant.


  • All backs foldable as standard

Comfort and seating quality

  • Soft

Fabrics & leather

Please visit our PONSEL specialist trade and choose your favourite from approx. 450 fabric and leather covers.

Contrast sitching


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