258 TIME

Modern design with dreamy features

With our product range 258 TIME, we present you a highly modern and unique functional sofa with a streamlined design.

Whether as a large or small lounge chair combination, this sofa is more than you expect. The lounge chair is able to be moved forwards in an exclusive, motorised feature. Through this, the backrest can be moved back and voila – you now have a flat surface for resting on. The incline of the sitting or lying position is ideal for a quick powernap during the day. And since the incline of the backrest is as good as a pillow, once in a while the question could pop up: “Why not stay overnight?”

To complete the sofa ensemble, you could add the lovely swivel chair 121 next to TIME.

This sofa is a product of real workmanship and love and manufactured 100% made in Germany – something we as a family business stand for.

Detail type plan for the personalisation options

Possible arrangements

Every living space is different, please use the link to the type plan for your personal setting variant.


  • Bed drawer foldable
  • Sleep and relaxation feature

Comfort and seating quality

  • Federkern

Fabrics & leather

Please visit our PONSEL specialist trade and choose your favourite from approx. 450 fabric and leather covers.

Contrast sitching


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