• 1927: Martha & Albert Ponsel establish a small workshop in 1927 where the couple makes baskets and household goods
  • 1952: Beginning of upholstered furniture production
  • 1968: Introduction of rustic oak-framed furniture sets
  • 1972: Harald Welsch takes over management
  • 1982: Own development and production of modern upholstered furniture sets in fabric and leather
  • 1990: Production area expansion and construction of a new administration building
  • 1998: Thomas Welsch joins his father Harald Welsch in the management
  • Present day – 2016: After the untimely death of Thomas Welsch, his sister Sabine Faber and her husband Axel Faber take over the operations of Albert Ponsel GmbH & Co. KG. Together with Harald Welsch, they manage Albert Ponsel GmbH & Co. KG – Ponsel Polstermöbel, a successful family-run business from Upper Franconia, Germany, with a team of around 250 employees and a 25,000 sqm production area.